Dot dot dot

• I got an 8 for this year’s final school exam (internal organization communication). I was really worried I screwed it, but it turned out just fine. I’m SO relieved. One year to go, and still on my way to graduate with honor! Yayyy! But now: SUMMER BREAK!
• Tim has dropped a feeding. Up until this weekend, he had 6 feedings a day. Now he does it with only 5. Since it takes me half an hour to feed him, I suddenly have more time. Can you imagine he used to have 8 feedings? Like up until he was 3 months? I spend (and enjoyed) 4 hours a day, feeding my precious little boy.
• Tomorrow we’re going to look at 3-bedroom ground floor apartment with a garden. It’s in a nice neighborhood, about a 15 minute walk from where we live now. However, it’s like the leas nicest street in the area. Oh well, can’t have it all when you’re looking to buy for a reasonable price.
• Italy won the world soccer cup, woohoo! Italy was my favorite, after The Netherlands. We watched a lot of the soccer games. I’m usually NOT a sports type. Don’t do it, don’t watch it. But the World Cup, I really enjoyed. And don’t start about that awful Dutch – Portugal game. *sighs*

A little less conversation

This proves I do not always think before I say…

My dad (on the phone last week or so): Oh no.
Me (hearing a TV on the background): What?
My dad: You’re mother is in love.
Me: What?
My dad: With a guy on some lawyer show. Are you watching TV?
(I can hear my mom laughing now)
Me: Not yet, should I?..
Me: Hold on, I’ll turn it on.
My dad: Do you see that guy on channel one? The one with the grey hair?
Me: The one that looks a little like Mozskovicz?
My dad: That’s the one! Your mom is deeply in love with him.
Me : She doesn’t have much taste.

My dad: Thanks.

I didn’t MEAN to say THAT!!
Now THIS proves that some people don’t think AT ALL while they’re speaking:

At a (wedding) dinner party, also last week. Some decided to rearrange the table & chairs, and I helped.

Me: So we got 21 people?
Girl: Yep.
Me: And you want to have the kids on a different table?
Girl: Yep.
Me: How many kids?
Girl (looking around, counting little people): Ehm. 4.
Me: So we need 21 – 4 chairs
Girl: That’s 19.
Me: No, it’s 17.
Girl: What?
Me: 21 minus 4 is 17.
Girl: Normally I do that stuff on a calculator.

I use a calculator too. But c’mon! You got a brain, use it once in a while!
AND at that same party I wished everybody would just THINK and not speak at all.

At dinner, the woman in front of me talked with her mouth full. Food on her teeth, chin, cheek, everywhere. I had to plan a strategy of where to place my wine WITHOUT her spitting in it. Awful. Disgusting. I ended up talking to the guy next to her about something called embedded software. Geek-talking to her neighbor really helped. She gave up talking to me and finished her meal without donating it back to the table.

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did I mention FreezM was a great help to day? thank you FreezM!

~~~~~~ the “from to day”- thing started because I wanted to have the ability to add comments to my blog….. like all big things in live: they start out being tiny…,., or something like that..